Black Key Solutions, LLC. supports the national defense, homeland security and our intelligence community partners by providing cyber security solutions and expert staff of intelligence analysts, cyber security engineers, solution architects, big data analysts, and cloud deployment experts to tackle the most challenging technical problems.

Our security engineers specialize in automated and dynamic enterprise-level cyberspace defense capabilities including adaptive sensing, sense-making, decision-making, and acting. We specialize in developing solutions around shared situational awareness and support response in cyber-relevant time.

Today's advanced threats can no longer be detected using conventional rule- or signature-based detection tools and methods. An active defense requires an adaptive proactive offense that responds before threats can destroy or deplete critical assets. An effective solution requires a holistic approach taking all aspects of an organization’s security layer such as the perimeter, networks, hosts, applications, and data. A large-scale analytics requires collection and assessment of large heterogeneous data sets followed by statistical analyses to determine security anomalies, outliers, and possibly threats. The best defense is not merely retrospective; rather it should adopt a prospective approach to real-time organizational risk assessment.

Cyber Capabilities

Our security experts design and develop best-of-breed solutions that are vendor-agnostic. Their goal is to identify known and unknown threats by analyzing massive volumes of big data to identify key indicators of compromise or worst, an attack. Equally important to us are growing threats associated with unsuspecting and malicious insiders and advanced persistent threats. In turn, we specialize in developing a unified approach to cyber security rather than addressing them in piecemeal. Our services include

  • Automated and Dynamic Enterprise-Level Cyberspace Defense Capabilities
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Intelligence Analytic
  • Security Risk Management and Resilience
  • System Engineering and Integration
  • Real-Time Vulnerability-Attack-Impact Pattern Heat Map
  • Cyber Security CI and Attribution Factors
  • Internal Threat Monitoring, Assessment, and Countermeasures
  • Threat Kill-Chain and Situational Awareness for High-value Targets
  • Program Management and Execution
  • Security Assessment, Monitoring, Detection, Event Analysis, and Incident Reporting
  • Certification and Accreditation (C&A)
  • Governance and Compliance Services
  • Expert Testimony